i am sam

In the film I am Sam, Sean Penn plays the lead role of Sam, a mentally challenged character. He loves the music of the Beatles and lets the words of their songs rule his everyday life, even naming his daughter Lucy from the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. This of course ties in perfectly with the soundtrack, as all the songs are Beatles songs. The filmmakers originally tried to use the real Beatles’ original versions, but unfortunately the band’s strict policy of not licensing their music for films came into play. So the next best thing was to have a wide variety of talented artists perform for the soundtrack. Each artist interpreted the song they did by blending in their own unique talents. There are 17 songs on this soundtrack, and here are some of the artists featured: Blackbird, by Sarah McLachlan
Across the Universe, by Rufus Wainwright
I’m Looking Through You, by The Wallflowers
Strawberry Fields Forever, by Ben Harper
Mother Nature’s Son, by Sheryl Crow
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, by The Black Crowes
Help!, by Howie Day
Nowhere Man, by Paul Westerberg
Revolution, by Grandaddy
Let It Be, by Nick Cave