In 1944 Nazi occultists led by Grigori Rasputin (Karel RodenBrit) open a dimensional barrier to call on mystical forces to give one last attempt to winning World II . Scientist Dr. Broom (John Hurt) leads the American forces to try and stop them. The battle leaves a lot of dead bodies and “red monkey” with horns, a tail, and a, brick-like right arm. They name him Hellboy (Ron Perlman) About 20 years later he is the main member of an elite crew for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, which is a secret federal agency in charge of combating supernatural threats to humanity. Some of the other members of the crew are Fire throwing liz Sherman(Selma Blaire) and amphibious psychic abe sapien(Doug Jones(voice done by David Hyde Pierce(fraser). Lots of violence and special effects, crazy alien creatures and very entertaining. Check it out