Choosing Sigourney Weaver [Max, Angela, Olga] to play the part of a beautiful con woman along with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Wendy, Page, Jane) was a perfect choice. The two women play the role of mother and daughter con team most convincingly and they have never looked better. They seek out wealthy men and seduce them into marriage. These hilarious shenanigans work quite well. The tandem decide to move to Palm Beach for one last con before splitting up. They set their sights on William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman), an eccentric fixated cigarette smoking billionaire tobacco tycoon. Things go quite well until a former mark, a hood from New Jersey (Ray Liotta) tracks them down . Anne Bancroft plays the part of Mrs. Vogel who taught Max everything she knows about the con game. The casting for heartbreakers was well chosen, the love story amusing and there were several scenes that had us breaking out in laughter.