Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, The Lion King) has created another highly intense soundtrack for the film Hannibal. Remarkably, classical music and horror/thriller films seem go hand in hand quite often.Is it the timberofthe violin or the climatic ripples that follow the crash of the timpani.Whatever the elements, the outcome always seems to be the same. In previous films such as “Friday The 13th” and “A Clockwork Orange“ the soundtrack willforever be remembered as an integral element of the film, such will certainly be the case with the Hannibal soundtrack. The album really brought back some ofthescariest scenes from the film. I Should not have played this disc prior to going to sleep, but I did. Needless to say this soundtrack will not lull you into a deep snooze, instead the opening track containsa brief speech from Sir Anthony Hopkins, which sent shivers up my spine, his calm voice mesmerized me with freight. Hopkins is featured on 3 bone chilling tracks on this brilliant CD. “This is the best love theme I’ve everwritten,” Zimmer says jokingly of his music for Hannibal. “I keep telling everyone this is a romantic comedy, but nobody believes me.”