I must admit, I had my reservations concerning this film prior to watching it; some negative reviews made me slightly leary about what I was about to watch. However, most surprisingly I found this film to be largely refreshing. No sex, violence, a tolerable love story, but mostly a well acted, very scenic story about drive, commitment and friendship. Inspired by a true story set in a low security British prison in Cotswolds England. This prison is for criminals nearing the end of their sentence or for those who show good potential for rehabilitation upon release. Colin Briggs (Clive Owen: The Croupier) is given some flower seeds by “lifer” Fergus Walks (David Kelly: Waking Ned Devine) as a Christmas gift. Colin has given up on life and reluctantly plants the seeds. A few months later the seeds blossom, and the power and beauty of Mother Nature begins to inspire Colin, Fergus and three other inmates. They eventually work together and cultivate a glorious garden that reinstills the inmate’s pride and ambition, something they had lost after years behind bars. “I really like it a lot,” exclaimed Georgina Woodhouse (Helen Mirren) as she gazed upon the flower garden created by the inmates at H.M.P Edgefield. She certainly could have said the same thing about this film. The only thing missing in this flourishing movie is the scent of flowers in full bloom.