Good Times

By now I’m sure you have heard the hit single “Because I got high”. This band’s lyrical and sound content is a combination of Cheech and Chong with a mix of New York City rap. Afroman’s founder Joseph Foreman has found success with this twelve-song album. Good Times is the group’s second CD and features a variety of drug related songs. There is also a song about getting drunk called “Let’s all get drunk”. Along with several catchy and humorous tunes about getting high and casual sex, there is also a second version of “Because I Got High” called “The American Dream”, which is done exactly in the same format but with different one-liners. This CD has sold over 2 million copies so far in the United States alone. The hit single was featured on the “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” soundtrack, and talk show host Howard Stern has also given honorable mention to the band.