Dracula 2000

Horror maven Wes Craven has contributed yet another edition to the endless list of Count Dracula films.Surprisingly though, Craven was able to keep this ageless story fresh and interesting; and worthwhile watching indeed.Dracula 2000 was shot in Toronto and New Orleans.The cinematography was magnificent and added greatly to the overall appeal of the film. The film’s plot began to unfold when Matthew Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer) injured himself while capturing Dracula a few hundred years back. As a result of Van Helsing’s injury Dracula’s blood streamed into his blood. Back in the present, Van Helsing fronts as restorer and cataloguer of antique weaponry, but has also been furtively guarding Dracula’s remains in a very intricate tomb with an elaborate security system. I’ll leave the rest of the plot for you to view, as I wouldn’t want to give the whole story away.I thought this film’s special effects were very impressive, eye candy galore.