Down to Earth

Lance (Chris Rock) is an up and coming un-humorous comedian who constantly gets booed off the stage. Notwithstanding, Lance still has high aspirations of competing at the amateur comedy night contest, taking place at the famed Apollo Theatre. The intrigue of the film begins to form as Lance is killed by a bus while admiring the girl of his dreams, Sontee(Regina King). Fortunately Mr. Keyes (Eugene Levy) is in charge of new recruits going into heaven and makes an error; it was not yet Lance’s time to die. Acting manager for God, Mr. King (Chazz Palminteri) decides to let Lance return to earth. Unfortunately his former body is no longer functional. Lance’s soul now has to manifest itself in the body of an old wealthy Caucasian man. In spite of Lance’s new body he continues to pursue his career as a black comedian. Then predictably, Sontee and Lance meet and fall madly in love and live happily ever after (ho hum). I found this movie exceedingly banal, however a younger less seasoned audience would probably really enjoy this wacky flick.