Dickie Roberts Former Child Star

Dickie Roberts (David Spade) will certainly put several smiles o­n movie goers faces this fall. At his peak Dickie was o­nce the hottest child star in Hollywood, o­n a television sitcom called “The Glimmer Gang.” The show eventually got cancelled leaving Dickie dirt poor with no other choice but to become a parking valet. Yearning to get back into acting Roberts asks his agent (Jon Lovitz) to get him an audition for a movie produced by Rob Reiner (playing himself). Dickie decides that in order to clinch the role he must relive his convoluted childhood by finding and living with a normal American family for a month. The family he finds is played by George Finney (Craig Bierko) and wife Grace (Mary McCormack) and of course two cute kids Sam (Scott Terra) and Sally (Jenna Boyd). Dickie Roberts is not a must see, but I did find it entertaining. There are several cameos by several now aged child sitcom stars. Make sure you stay for the credits, as several former child stars are revisited in a sing a long. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss cameos by Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Leif Garret (70s Teen Idol), Corey Feldman ( “The Lost Boys” and “Stand By Me”), Dustin Diaàmond (Screech of “Saved by the Bell”) and Danny Bonaduce ( “The Partridge Family”), just to name a few.