Das Experiment

Based on actual events that occurred during the Stanford Prison Experiment, this film is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve seen. Tarek Fahd (Moritz Bleibtreu of Run Lola Run) plays the part of a taxi driver who responds to an ad in the newspaper. The ad offers 4000 marks to participants who take part in a 14-day psychological military experiment. Tarek, who is also a writer, contacts an editor who offers him 10 000 marks for the story. He is given some high tech glasses, which have a built in mini-cam. Twenty people show up for the experiment in the hopes of making some easy cash for 2 weeks work. They are interviewed beforehand and undergo some tests. The psychologists then split them into two groups. Eight prison guards and 12 prisoners. The first few days, everybody is loose and having fun. Tarek, being a prisoner, decides to provoke the guards. Some of the guards become very power hungry with their new-found power, and use humiliation, torture, and a host of other psychological means to break the prisoners, while fooling the psychologists into thinking that everything is alright. The acting and story were superb. It took me several hours to overcome the powerful effects of this bone -chilling film.