From the director of Kids and Another Day in Paradise, Bully is another slice of teen sexploitation. Based on a true story, Bully is a voyeuristic view of a group of teenagers. Stahl plays bully Bobby, who’s been friends with Marty (Brad Renfro) since childhood. Marty is a good-looking high school dropout who likes to surf. Bobby is the true definition of a bully. As the two were growing up Bobby continually beat Marty, and made him endure public and private humiliation with adult pornographic activities and other forced scenarios. Marty begins dating Lisa (Rachel Miner), and she falls in love with him. Bobby becomes jealous and rapes her and her friend Ali (Bijou Phillips). The girls, along with a few others, decide to kill him. The disillusioned kids think this is some kind of game and talk openly to all about their intent. This movie has a bit of everything for an adult audience; and is humourous in places, but is not recommended for younger audiences.