Basic Re-unites John Travolta (Tom Hardy), an Ex Army ranger who is currently a DEA agent, with Samuel L. Jackson (Nathan West), a special forces training specialist in the duo’s first on-screen reunion since Pulp Fiction.
Tom Hardy is asked to interrogate the only conscious survivor of a training mission. Six soldiers went out and two returned. The other is in a coma. Hardy is assigned the task of interrogating the survivor and has six hours to get both sides of the story. After a convincing interview with the first man, the other man conveniently awakes from his multiple gun shot wounds and tells a completely different but believable tale.
This film was very slow at times and of course a predictable love story ensues when Hardy is teamed up with investigating officer (Connie Nielsen).
Basically, its billed as an action movie, but there is a lot of sitting around when there should have been more flash back scenes. However, the acting really saved the day. So much so, that it was worth watching. This movie is released just in time if your sick of cnn’s version of the war.