Artificial Intelligence

Set in the future, man has used up most of the natural resources on earth and technology is advancing at astronomical pace. Homes are monitored, food engineered and the person providing your services is a robot. Cybertronics Manufacturing is a huge robot-building corporation and they have invented the next phase in robotic development. Cybertronics Manufacturing introduces David (Haley Joel Osment); the first robot boy, and the first robot programmed to love. David is adopted as a test case by one of the Cybertronics employees (Sam Roberts) and his wife (Frances O’Connor) who have a terminally ill child who has been cryogenically frozen until a cure can be found. The family accepts David as their own, but when their real son is cured, we see the real difference between the two. David is brought back to Cybertronics for disposal. His drive to become human is so strong that he escapes and goes on a modern fairy tail adventure with his super-toy “Teddy” and Gigolo Joe. Although I found this film slow at times, melodramatic, with far too many plots and endings to tag onto, the graphics and story line were well worth the price of admission. You should see it with you favourite little person.