Anything Else

Woody Allen has done it again. His films are like a comfortable old shoe. You know what to expect and he doesn’t disappoint. Jason Biggs stars as an aspiring New York writer who falls hopelessly in love with the Christina Ricci character. Ricci plays the sexy bitch to perfection and of course, Woody steals the show as a wizened old professor who acts as Biggs muse. He is hilarious as usual. Danny DeVito kills as Biggs conniving agent and Stockard Channing is also very funny in the role of Ricci’s mother who moves in, piano and all, and disturbs Biggs writing routine. Woody slays when he gets Biggs to put together a survival kit and makes him buy a gun. Ricci makes Biggs jump through some crazy hoops which make for some classic comic situations while Woody prophesizes his sage bon mots and tries to set Biggs straight. The music is the old style New York jazz favoured by Woody and often played by himself in various New York clubs. All in all, just a fun Woody romp.