Anger Management

Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) plays the role of a mild mannered, happy go lucky, executive assistant. He is arrested for assault after beating up a flight attendant who ignored his call during a flight. After appearing in court, he is sentenced to attend an anger management class for thirty days. The instructor turns out to be the king of playing insane parts Buddy Rydell(Jack Nicholson) this time Jack is supposed to have the shoe on the other foot as he plays a shrink. Jack is superb to watch as a totally insane shrink ready to snap at any moment. He had that helter skelter twinkle in his eye throughout. Both actors played off each other very well and had the audience rolling on the floor on several occasions. The racist, homophobic slurs and stereotypes did grow tiresome at times and the film dragged on a bit longer than it should have at 103 minutes. However, the performances and hysterical routines make this a must see. Wait till you see the splendid performance of the song “I feel Pretty” from “West Side Story” a she male cameo from Woody Harrelson.