In 1836 about 200 men held the Alamo fort for 13 days against thousands of Mexican soldiers led by dictator General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Emilio Exhevarria). Three men were in charge of holding the Alamo Lt. Col. William Travis (Patrick Wilson), Col. James Bowie (Jason Patric), and David Crockett (Billy Bob Thornton). General Sam Houston (Dennis Quaid) stayed at home and did not send any help to the sadly outnumbered army but called for Texas independence from Mexico. This film is getting some mighty bad reviews and was lengthy at two hours and fifteen minutes. Although it didn’t really show to much about the history of the Alamo but concentrated on the characters who did some major league overacting, I found it to be entertaining to some extent and Im a big billy bob thornton fan, so when he prances around like a peacock and plays the violin all the while in gun shot or cannon shot range of the enemy I was amused. Wait for cheapie night at the movies or the DVD