Against the Ropes

Based on a real life story about Jackie Kallen who was the daughter of a boxing trainer and who spent most her childhood in a gym. It’s the story about everyday people fighting against the odds to make there dreams come true. Jackie Kallen (meg Ryan) worked as a secretary for a boxing promoter and at a party had a confrontation with a big wig promoter Sam LaRocca (Tony Shalhoub). After being publicly humiliated by him she takes the opportunity to become a fight promoter. Boxing is a male oriented sport and people all around her tried to make her fail. Great performances by all the cast. The director Charles Dutton is also a boxing fan and wanted the fight scenes to be authentic. Although the boxing scenes were weak, Luther Shaw (Omar Epps) who played the part of the boxer in an interview said the ” training was rigorous, I had only one and a half months to prepare and I worked out five hours a day. I had to dive in — eat and sleep boxing.” You don’t have to be a boxing fan to see it, but it certainly would help.