Acts of Worship

Set in Manhattan’s lower east side, the film focuses on two
characters Alix (Ana Reeder), a homeless addict and Digna
(Michael Hyatt), who was once where Alix was. Alix has managed
to turn her life around and become a successful photographer who has
built her careering photographing street junkies. Alix is different
than most of the junkies in that she is attractive and educated.
This really makes her stick out, both to the viewing audience and
also on the street. Although more beautiful and better dressed than
her fellow addicts, she is certainly treated the same way. Left for
dead when she overdoses, is pushed down the stairs, and trading sex
for money. Her daily life soon consists of hustling for money to buy
drugs. I’ve never felt more in the streets watching any other film. If you
enjoyed Requiem for a Dream and Kids, you will be
blown away by the realism of this independent