15 minutes

Hannibal has initiated the spring movie season with scenes of graphic violence, nevertheless 15 Minutes certainly reconfirms the audience’s lust for explicit and unwarranted violence at the movies. In this film we are introduced to two European actors Oleg Razgul and Emil Slovak played by Oleg Taktarov and Karel Roden; both playing the roles of Russian visitors (this is their first major North American film debut). These two comrades steal the show from beginning to end. The violence fires up within the first few minutes of the film, as they break into the apartment of a former comrade who had fled to America with their stolen money. Naturally, the money is gone and what follows is too explicit to put into words. One of the comrades films and documents all of these diabolical murders as the other executes countless numbers. I groaned several times throughout the film, but I must admit that Robert De Niro and Kelsey Grammer were fabulous; trading off funny and intense dialog throughout; these interchanges far outweighed the few groans I had to endure