Grateful Dead Assorted items

Grateful dead Europe 1990 laminated poster

Grateful dead “dead set poster” 54″ * 37″ laminated and huge as you can see

Album sticker insert

Grateful dead Mirror I bought at a show about 12″ * 12″ cat not included

grateful dead laminated dead plates volume 1 and 2

Good ol grateful dead bus

Grateful dead dancing bears stand weights a good 3 pounds

Grateful dead 2016 wall calendar

From the Mars Hotel (Original Master Recording)

Import, Remastered

Grateful Dead Collector Plates, Family Album, Stanley Mouse, The Hamilton Collection, six plates.  Sunset Jester,1998 Europe ’81,1998 Timeless,1997 One More Saturday Night,1999 Grateful Dead Family Album, Cats Under The Stars

5 DEAD Dancing Bears

Laminated Poster – Grateful Dead Spring Tour 3/24 – 4/15/ 1988. Artwork: Peter Max

in 1988 The Grateful Dead commissioned  world famous pop artist Peter Max to create their spring tour poster. This large poster is the only one ever done by Peter Max

Grateful Dead license plate

Grateful Dead Dead in a Deck “built to last” CD and Playing Cards

“without a net” cassette tape and grateful dead promo “foolish heart”


Grateful dead CDs

Dicks Picks volume 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

garcia live volume 2,3,4,(2copies),5

Gray folded

the other ones the strange remains

Sunshine daydream 3 disc set plus one DVD

Jerry Garcia and David grisman with real is gone Jerry Garcia Jerry’s home

mother mccree’s uptown jug champions

Howard Wales Jerry Garcia live side trips

grateful dead infrared roses

Terrapin station triple CD

Mickey Hart Spirit into sound

grateful dead still trucking

grateful dead dead in Cornell part 1

Mickey Hart planet drum

grateful dead American

bootleg Garcia Jerry Garcia 1972 to 1988

Garcia Saunders bootleg 11 15 1974 late Show disc 2

widespread panic panic on


David grisman acoustic

gray folded

Mickey Hart mystery box

grateful dead anthem of the Sun

grateful dead left in the vaults volume 1

the grateful dead first hits

grateful dead Fillmore East 211/69

Jerry Garcia band two disc set

grateful dead here comes sunshine

live PHish show downloads 12:30 2003

PHish jam and Santana live in Stowe 725/92

Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia hooter roll

grateful dead August 22nd 1987 Calaveras county Fairgrounds

sea stones Ned Lang

the music of upper and lower Egypt

grateful dead live at winterland 12:31 1971

Merle Sanders with his friends live

the grateful dead anthem of the Sun

two from the vault

grateful dead in a lifelong dream

grateful dead shakedown streets

dead in Cornell part 3

shakedown Street live/dead

grateful dead one from the vault

Katie May dark Hollow history of grateful dead volume 1 Bears choice


out of your skull

blues for Allah

foolish heart special promo CD

New Mexican dreams

Merle Sanders Blues from the rainforest a musical suite acoustic disc 100% handmade music volume 3 Jerry Garcia David grisman quintet

found this printout from 1999 🙂